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“Take care of the patient and everything else will follow.” 

This has been our guiding principle ever since we were established. Our patients come first. In this regard, we extend our physiotherapy services up to their homes. Physiotherapy involves healing mobility problems. When patients cannot come to the centre for treatment or feel more comfortable to be treated at home, we are  more than happy to accommodate them in our Home Care Services.


Be it a sports injury, old age related mobility problems, post-surgical rehabilitation, any illness related problems, physiotherapists from FirstPhysio will treat you in the comfort of your home.

Why Choose Home Care?

Bringing quality care to your home


Quality Compassionate Care

Physiotherapists spend more quality time evaluating and treating conditions, and readily accessible when your needs arise at home


We deliver complete physiotherapy equipment and treatments that are required for your condition, at your convenient time

Expert therapists

We have experienced and expert physiotherapists who work with the single goal of treating you with quality care