Physioherapy isn’t a luxury

Posted on October 3, 2016 with 1 comment

5 reasons why physiotherapy needs to be part of your fitness and health plans

When you hear the words” PHYSIOTHERAPY” do you conjure up images in your mind of people walking with walkers? Do you think physiotherapy is only for people who have had surgery? Today I want to address the misconception that physiotherapy is only necessary as treatment for injuries or post-surgery rehabilitation. I’ll share five scenarios where a physiotherapist can help you stay healthy to reach your long term fitness and lifestyle goals

  1. You have a nagging problem that gets your attention only during training sessions. You may be fine doing all of your normal activities; but, every time you get into your workout, you get that same discomfort. Don’t wait! Early access to physiotherapy leads to better outcomes.
  2. You are looking to buy a new pair of running shoes , but you aren’t sure which type to purchase. We can take a look at you to determine what type of shoe may be best. We will look at your current shoes for wear patterns and assess your gait to determine if poor technique may lead to injury. Physiotherapist will make recommendations based on your overall joint structure and your goals.Remember, if you take care of your body TODAY, your body will take care of you in rest of LIFE.
  3. You are looking for an overall conditioning program. As physiotherapists, we are highly trained  to assess your current level of function and then develop a program to help you achieve the goals. These goals may be speed, strength or stability related. We are experts at developing exercise programs for you to carry out at your gym or home. Physiotherapists are your best resource for wellness programs whether you are a new mom looking to get back into your work or a grandparent who wants to play around with your grandchildren.
  4. You have a chronic health conditions  such as arthritis, lupus or diabetes which may complicate your body’s response to training. Physiotherapists have extensive knowledge of neurological, general health and orthopedic conditions. We can make recommendations to help you stay active while preventing injury. We can also provide manuel therapy to inflamed joints to prevent loss of range of motions and provide education about chronic pain.
  5. You sit all day in your job. People who sit at a desk all day tend to have short hip flexor muscles, tight pectoral muscles and weak scapular stabilising muscles. These imbalances set you up for injury when your training feeds into the same patterns (swimming freestyle contributes to shortening of the pectoral muscles, hunching over a bike keeps the hip flexors shortened and the upper back muscles overstretched and weak.) We can also provide ergonomic recommendations for you to alleviate the effects of repetitive stress injuries  such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and chronic tension headaches.

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